Sunday, April 3, 2011

from Eyad El Balawi, an activist living in Gaza

The closing scene

Yonder, under the light
He went to bed
And once he came out he was soaked with blood
His wife wept: My darling where are you leaving..!
His silence was only what she got..
His sleeping has became more childish..
And his face was shining like the sun..
My beloved, you forgot this morning kiss…!
He didn’t replay ..
and his silence was a thorn in her throat
While he was quiet on the men’s shoulders
She cried again and again: My love where are you going…!
she found no answer…
Yonder, under the lights
There were residues of their love story
Which she began kissing along with crying..

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  1. thanks for sharing my words with other.. will be happy to talk to you Eyad